• Chim-Scan Repair Form

  • Why do we want to know all of this:

    Because it can take up to 4 business days(depending on your location and how you send it) for your unit to arrive here. This form acts as a packing list for us, so should the box be damaged, we can verify we have everything you sent. Also, this form helps us know who sent the unit and where we need to send it back to, shipping tags don't always give us the information we need.
  • How does this help you??

    By filling this out, you not only help us but you help your office staff (even if you are the office staff) what needs to go, what your sending, when you sent it and why your sending it. If you keep a copy of this you can track how often your sending a unit or units back for repair and what needed repaired. This way if you notice your always sending a cable back for repair you can track down the cause.
  • Should be Empty: